WNTAI – (We Never Talk About It) is a Social Enterprise company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales no.10610144. The company has quickly established an outstanding reputation for the delivery of briefings, training and awareness sessions on a topic rarely discussed.

Neil Stott the founder of WNTAI has worked in secondary education for 20 years, as a main scale teacher, Head of Year and Senior Leader at a high performing 11- 19 Academy. He has led the student support services in school for a number of years and later accepted the position of Acting Principal. Neil has also worked with Wakefield Local Authority delivering Safeguarding sessions to Newly Qualified Teachers and provided training for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) and also led a Safeguarding briefing session at Pretoria University, South Africa with the National College of School Leaders (NCSL). Previously a member of the Wakefield District Safeguarding Children Board Training Group, he has worked with several Multi Agency Groups to facilitate a number of training programmes and helped with the launch of the online child protection training provided by The Virtual College. Neil has facilitated support and training on a range of Safeguarding issues to a number of schools, providing training to Governors, Staff and Students in State, Special and Private Educational settings.

Neil speaks about the growing risks of pornography to a range of professionals and organisations including:

  • Sports Clubs
  • School Staff
  • School Governors
  • Parent Groups
  • Soroptimists Groups
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Universities
  • Foster Carer groups
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • FE Sector
  • Local Authority Safeguarding Boards
“Working with  Leeds Rhinos U19s”

“Working with  Leeds Rhinos U19s”


“We really should start talking about this topic more and everyone needs the facts. Pupils, Staff, Parents and Governors would all benefit from Neil’s passionate approach to dealing with a concerning issue”.

Richard Wood Headteacher, Mexborough Academy

“Neil knows his stuff and we really should do more with our young people regarding this topic. He is an engaging and passionate speaker”.

Dr Kate Exley - Higher Education Assessment & Development Ltd

“I’ve heard Neil speak publicly on a number of occasions about subjects that most people run a mile from! His knowledge on safeguarding and the risks that young people now find themselves facing is extensive and he delivers tough messages in an engaging and thought provoking manner”.

Director at Tracy Jackson Consultancy

"I found the topic very interesting and it was presented in a very objective way. It has given me lots to think about! I'd feel more comfortable talking about it now."

Yr10 student at UTC Leeds

"Neil’s extensive experience of the education landscape and of the dangers society poses to young people through his work both contribute to making the presentation on the dangers of (internet) pornography relevant, factual, interesting and thought-provoking.  A highly-recommended component of any PSHCE or Religion and Life curriculum, delivered by an expert"

Jonny Mitchell, Principal, The Co-operative Academy of Leeds

“Neil is a speaker who gets straight to the point and his pull no punches style really helps to get across the message. It’s nice to see a presenter who doesn’t take himself so seriously and is able to be himself in front of any audience”.

Matthew Partington Headteacher Roundhay School

“An excellent course led by an excellent facilitator. A topic which we all need a wider awareness of”.

Dr Claire Livingstone Head of PSHE Loughborough Grammar School

"I highly recommend this presentation to not only our youth but to all adults. The pain, heartache and serious offences caused through this common denominator (being pornography) are often swept under the carpet"

Kylie Leuluai, Leeds Rhinos Rugby, Player Welfare Manager

“Thank you to you for the sterling safeguarding work you have progressed with The School. I am sure the journey they have made has been made the easier with you alongside. It is clear your support has been valued, your engagement and reassurance has made a difference”.

Cheryl Stollerey Safeguarding Children in Education Officer, Nottighamshire County Council